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11- Reasons People Laugh About Your Content Writing

11- Reasons People Laugh About Your Content Writing

Content writers across the world have only one intention in mind when they start writing. The motive is to reach the maximum audience. There can be more reasons for writing; getting financial benefit, being noticed worldwide, etc. But the underlying wish is to see your write-up being read by a maximum number of people. This was the dream. Now let’s talk about the nightmare. The most dreadful thing that can happen to any writer is getting trolled by your readers. You don’t want to be a source of meme. But, there is no denying that we come across articles where even after reading you think that it would have been better if the writer had chosen not to write. In order to keep a distance from this bunch of freelance writers, you need to be aware of some safety measures.

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Read the top 6 Reasons People Laugh about Your Content Writing

The writer is confused: There are articles where the topic has two flip sides. Now, either the writer should stay biased or must be on one side. One should never sail on two boats. Some content writers, for instance, start writing in the voice of the notion and halfway through the article, begin to counter the same. This is bewildering for any reader. A writer must have a clear vision of what he wants to write about such topics.

Brush up your grammar skills: The most difficult part about writing is that any language can be vast beyond your imagination. You will come face to face with grammar nazis, ones who will lose their calm over a skipped comma or space. As a reader, well anyone would like to read error free content because in case there are grammatical errors, the reader’s attention gets diluted.

Repeating time and again: In order to meet the word count, some writers just exaggerate the thoughts and try to make sentences longer. Be empathetic and understand your audience. Why would someone like to read an article which is just killing their time? In case you have to write a lengthy article, research more so that you have enough quality raw material to write on.

Over-reliance on SEO: Delivering SEO friendly content should be the motive of every writer. However, overuse of keywords, inserting unnecessary outbound links, excessive use of pictures, etc will just irritate your audience. You might get a good SEO ranking for that particular article, but you might lose your fan base.

Adulterated articles: Well this is the most unacceptable practice and is highly unethical. Most writers end up picking up and posting plagiarized content. It is easy to do, but readers will eventually get to know that your article is copied. Also, there is no use in writing spun articles as people can recollect that they have read similar content somewhere before. As a result, bounce rate (if you’re writing for a website) will be high.

Half cooked knowledge: This is another embarrassing situation for any writer. Being a reader, a person would have high faith on what his writer is posting. In case the facts presented by you are invalid and people get to know about it, be ready to face harsh criticism.

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