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How To Remove Wine Stains Without Breaking the Bank There is no single person in the world who can attest that he never had a wine stain at home. The fact that we all love to drink red wine for whatever occasion we can think of is proof that there is no escaping stains later on, unless of course you’re drinking a glass inside the bathroom. The key to removing the stain effectively is to immediately clean it up. But the thing is you’re not really going to grab that bucket of water, plus a detergent and a brush while in the middle of a nice celebration or occasion, right? For some people, using the wine stain remover is the way to go, while others will go as far as hiring a carpet cleaning company to do the job for them. But if you’re on a budget, there’s really no need to spend money just to remove those stains. Now if you want some valuable tips on how to remove stains without spending a lot of money, continue reading. 1 – All you need is salt.
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If you happen to have stained your carpet with red wine, this right here is the cheapest yet most effective way of removing the stain. The first step is to blot the affected area as much as you can with the help of a paper towel. Once this is done, cover the stain with salt and make sure no stain is visible. You now should wait until the salt is fully soaked into the wet stain and then wait for it to dry. Once it is dry, use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the salt along with the dried stain.
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2 – Use hydrogen peroxide coupled with a light detergent for dishwashing if you stained your clothes with red wine. What you need to do is mix equal amounts of the dishwashing detergent and hydrogen peroxide. Just like what you did with the salt, you just have to pour your mixture over the stain and give it time to soak in. You will see that the stain will start to fade in a couple of minutes. The final step in this method is to wash the clothes like how you normally do it. 3 – For tablecloth stains, it couldn’t get much easier than using boiling water. Lastly, a red wine stain in your tablecloth can easily be removed using boiling water. Grab a large glass bowl and place the fabric over it, while highlighting the stained area. You can use a rubber or similar material in order to secure the fabric. So you need to pour the boiling water about a foot above the stain to remove it. Well, you probably already have realized by now that removing red wine stain in fabrics, carpet, or clothes isn’t really that hard and won’t really require you to spend money.