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All You Need to Know About Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a must in this part of the world. Let’s face it climate change doesn’t just mean the world is getting warmer. It can also mean that the world can get colder. Weather conditions are becoming more extreme. So let’s have a conversation about what your options are when it comes to underfloor heating kits.

Carpets Aren’t Enough Anymore

In olden times, people would line their floors with thatch to keep it relatively warm, and they would have the family fire burning in the middle of the house. Later people discovered other forms of insulation to keep the inside of their house warm. But the default was to have a fireplace to keep thing warm.

Of course, fastforward to the 21st century we discovered better ways to keep warm. We put out warm carpets so we don’t need to walk on cold stone or cement floors, we learned that wood is less conductive so it doesn’t turn cold as fast.

However, I believe Carpets arent enough anymore. In fact fireplaces are a fire hazzard and we are developing ways to avoid having an open fire in our homes. We use Liquified Petroleoum Gas (LPG) in the place of wood to make the in house fire cleaner. We even have electric radiators to substitute for gas or wood in our heating needs.

One thing is for sure, carpets and the old way of heating things just won’t cut it anymore.

Heat Pumped Right At Our Floor?

Underfloor heating kits are a recent development. Well the concept is old dating back to the Romans when they would pump heated water indoors and to give them some heat when they are bathing. But the concept has only been applied to modern homes in recent years.

Instead of relying on air conductivity to heat the room, we rely on anoter thermodynamic principle to make things work out for it.

Using regular air conductivity, a fire place or radiator heats the air near it and the warm air rises up displacing the cooler air further away from the heat source. This works and is functional but it will take a long time to heat up a room under most ordinary cirumstances.

An underfloor heating kit will pipe the heat directly under floor boards. Thanks to the power of thermodyamics, the warm pipes will transmit their heat to the floorboards which will then heat up the floor space above it. The net result is that the room heats up faster than if you relied upon conventional fireplaces or radators.

Heating Floorboards? Is that Safe?

If you were listening to your high school phyics professor you would know that heating an object will eventually make it burst into flames! So pumping heated air or water under the floorboard might not be the best idea. Right?

But don’t worry underfloor heating kits never rise to the temperature that would cause wood to burst into flames. You won’t even see steam unless you are one of those eccentric types who use an airconditioner while your underfloor heating kit is on.  I gotta admit it looks cool but you’ll end up wasting a lot of electricity.

Wet or Dry Underfloor Heating Kit?

There are two kinds of underfloor heating kit dry and wet.

  • Dry heating kits use air as the medium of conduction. They are better for smaller spaces because warm air loses its heat fast but is easier to heat. They have a low maintenance cost since there is no chance of any fluids leaking.
  • Wet heating kits use a liquid medium to transmit heat. They are better for large spaces since water does not lose its heat quickly. However they might need more maintenance since the pipes might leak.

How Can it Be Installed in my Home?

Well the truth is, houses have a small space between the foundation and the actual floor boards. The same holds true for the second floor and the roof of the first floor.

In other words, there is actually some space where the underfloor heating kit can be installed. So don’t worry about having to do some extreme makeover for your house just to accommodate the heating kit. It won’t be that difficult.


Underfloor heating kits are the solution to your heating needs when you want to make do without the risk of having a live fire or radiator that children or pets might wander into. They are easy to install and don’t realy need that much maintenance.

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