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Computer Desk Guru Picks Top Gaming Desks for 2017


ATLANTA — Computer Desk Guru, a leading authority in the field, released at its picks for the top computer gaming desks for 2017. With 63% of U.S. households, according to the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), including at least one member who regularly plays games, the new list of the top desks for gamers will be of interest to many. Visitors to will find many other useful resources, including an in-depth guide to how to pick the perfect computer desk for any application.

“We’re avid computer gamers ourselves, so we know what a difference the right desk can make,” said Computer Desk Guru founder Ed Boon, “Fortunately, computer game players have some great options to choose from today, as our research made clear. The desks in our new list of the best products on the market offer everything from integrated cable management to the ability to convert from sitting to standing height and back. We think every avid computer gamer will enjoy and benefit from reading about our top desk picks for 2017. We’ve got many other interesting features planned for the near future, too.”

The global video gaming industry now accounts for over $100 billion in annual revenues, with the computer gaming segment ranking only behind mobile in terms of size. Computer gamers are also some of the most wide-ranging of all in terms of their interests, according to the Entertainment Software Association, with players happily splitting free time between casual, strategy, first-person-shooter, role-playing, and other kinds of games.

Founded with a mission of delving as deeply and accurately as possible into an increasingly important niche, Computer Desk Guru is the top online destination for computer desk reviews, news, guides, and more. With desks on the market today ranging from compact, affordable, collapsible designs to high-end units costing thousands of dollars, buyers have more options than ever. Computer Desk Guru keeps readers informed about everything from the most basic desk-related considerations to in-depth reviews and spotlights on the desk setups of top YouTube video personalities and professional gamers.

With 2017 underway, Computer Desk Guru has now chosen the best desks on the market for computer gaming at the present time. The popular Ikea Malm desk takes the top overall spot, combining solid construction, a mid-range price that reflects real value, and integrated cable management in ways that will serve many gamers well. Other picks include the compact, budget-priced Ikea Linnmon desk, a glass-topped Walker-Edison 3-piece desk, and the convertible VertDesk system. The full, detailed list of Computer Desk Guru top gaming desks for 2017 is available now at where visitors will find many other articles of interest.

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