General Article Explain Benefits of Marijuana

Where did the word “marijuana” come from? Mid-1930s, said Marijuana (cannabis) was created to damage the good image and phenomenal history of the plant, whose real name Hemp (Hemp Plant). Some evidence of how marijuana that has a lot of positive exposure in an Encyclopedia Britannica is written for 15 years.

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Canada and the Netherlands have ‘legalize’ the use of these plants, still has some rules that are not liberate very broadly the use (consumption) of the plant. Although it is still shrouded in some controversy. Despite its usefulness described earlier, the substance THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) itself is a psychoactive substance that affects hallucinations and there are a whole in the cannabis plant, whether the leaves, branches, or seeds. Because THC is, any person who is abusing marijuana will be exposed to very harmful psychoactive effects.

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