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How to Deal with a Garage Door that Seems “Stuck”

When a garage door seems to be stuck, it may be an easy problem to fix. Here are some items to look at when a garage door is jammed, from the pros at Superior Garage Doors.

 First, a person should check to see if there are any obstructions on the garage door track. Rocks, pieces of debris or wood can become lodged in the track and stop the movement of a garage door. To fix this problem, take a broom or shovel and remove the unwanted item. If the track seems like it has a bigger problem, such as being bent or irregular, a garage door repair Marietta GA expert should be contacted.


 Garage door springs are often another culprit that stops a garage door from working. Two types of springs are usually used. The first type of springs can be found on either side of the garage door. These are known as extension springs. If a piece of this mechanism is hanging, it needs to be replaced. The second type of garage door springs are known as torsion springs. These are found horizontally and placed at the top of the door. If a gap is found between these springs, it indicates a problem that a garage door repair Kennesaw GA company should be able to fix.

 A third type of challenge is a garage door that has popped off of its track. This can be observed by rollers that are hanging in open air. This problem can be quite troublesome to fix if a person has never completed the task. The garage door needs to be balanced and properly placed on the track to ensure that it runs smoothly. A garage door installation Atlanta professional has the expertise to complete this type of job.

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