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How to Make Wooden House Minimalist

Maybe once minimalist wooden house is a reflection of the economic conditions are low because someone could say he was not able to build a concrete house or a wall that requires a huge cost. But now the condition is reversed. Wooden houses turned into a property with high investment value because the price of wood, which became very expensive. So the wooden houses that once synonymous with the lower social classes, now eroded due to the rising price of wood materials in the market. Read this tips from

The house is made of wood the dominant can not be separated from the traditional elements. It can be seen from the number of houses or ethnic restaurants that highlight nature. So it can not be denied that the wooden house is seen as a home or a traditional house has an investment value that is equivalent or even higher than concrete houses.
Making Stages Wood House
Make a wooden house can be done with simple steps and produce a sturdy building design, comfortable, beautiful, and of course at an economical cost. Here are some steps on how to How to Make Wooden House Minimalist, please observe:
• A number of data fields manufacture of wooden houses and listing plan.
• Determining the shape / structure of the house in the form of sketches or drawings.
• Calculation of timber structures necessary to determine the dimensions and quality of the wood.
The quality of the wood are here, including the type of wood to use safe and economical and fit on the structural parts such as horse frame house roof, columns, and beams.
• Make a sketch or image detail minimalist wooden structure adapted to the calculation results obtained previously.
• Calculation Building Budget Plan (RAB).
• Procurement of building materials as a whole as well as conservation efforts.
• The process of building a wooden house using the best working system corresponding design drawings have been determined.
• Maintenance and home care of the things that damage as a leaky roof or insects that can damage the wood.
Terms Build Wooden Houses
Building a wooden house either large or minimalist wooden houses will require certain requirements which will make the wooden house looks perfect, beautiful, and comfortable place to stay. To be more sturdy wooden houses, good, and beautiful we should be able to meet some of the requirements for the manufacture of wooden houses as follows:
Wood Home Location
The location where the wooden house to be built must be free from elements that can damage the wood so that the wooden house can be more durable and long lasting. One example, we should not build a wooden house on the edge or close to the sea because the sea water contains substances that can permanently damage the wood.
Selection Type Carpentry Wood House
Selection of the type of quality wood greatly affect the life force and wooden building houses the ministry itself. For that type of wood used must be adjusted to the values of the function at the same time we want to show the beautiful architecture of the wooden houses. Examples of the main column structure we use the best quality teak wood types that home construction is stronger. While the wood for the walls we could choose from a plank of wood with a soft texture and attractive so that the house looks beautiful and lush.
Wood House Preservation Process
Wood preservation process is important to do because these activities are related to the construction of houses in addition to the robustness of a construction of a wooden house itself, as well as to maintain the wooden elements that are not easily damaged or porous. Wood preservation itself of course must be done first before being installed as the construction of timber minimalist house. Wood preservation process can be done in various ways such as by immersion or also by painting the surface of the wood to be used. Painting or repainting process is intended that the wood is not eaten by insects or termites and protect them from getting rotten.

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