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Tips for Choosing a Good Social Security and Disability Attorney

The Social Security Administration is processing tons of disability claims everyday. Some of those claims are sadly not even legit, which means the SSA is always hard-pressed to make sure that disability resources are given only to those who are in need it.

What seems to be a simple enough task can have valid claims denied, and though the agency provides an option to appeal, in most cases, the claims are still denied. Social security and disability lawyers help those who are disabled get their disability coverage for their monthly living costs and continued independence.

A disability attorney is a specialist in disability law, having spent years of their practice helping permanently disabled people claim their Social Security disability benefits. As soon as the SSA denies a disability claim, these attorneys take charge of the filing an appeal and doing their best to win it. The question is, how does one select a disability lawyer?
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Disability lawyers with a stellar track record of winning appeals against the SSA are the best. These are legal experts with far-reaching experience in disability claim appeals, and have the confidence to tell their clients upfront whether an appeal would be winnable or not. When you look for a disability attorney, pay attention to those who are specialists in disability and/or insurance law.
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Yet another criterion you have to consider when looking for a disability attorney is cost – the lawyer should ask for a reasonable retainer fee up front before they commit to working with you. Some are not going to ask for any amount until the case is done, but be careful with those lawyers who guarantee they’ll win your case, or those who say there’s no need to pay them until your case is won. As much as possible, choose an attorney who is realistic and grounded. If their words sound too good to be true, there’s probably reason to suspect.

Also remember that between an attorney, in whose hands an appeal is being entrusted, and a a disabled person who is placing such trust, is a special relationship. Also take note that between remember that between a lawyer, who is entrusted to handle an appeal, and a disabled person, who is making such investment of trust, is a special kind of relationship. Being a client, you must feel comfortable in the attorney’s company, and be updated on each development that arises on your case.

Finally, always check the background of your prospective Social Security disability attorney before you hire him. Call the American Bar Association and see if the lawyer is properly licensed. To find out if the attorney has any pending citations, approach your state District Attorney’s Office. Ask for client references and do follow through by talking to these people about the experience they had with the specific lawyer. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. It’s enough that you’re worried about the results of your appeal; don’t add to your woes by hiring an attorney you might be worried over too.

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