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Tourist Map Of Bali : Unique Cafe

Tourist Map Of Bali : Unique Cafe is my writing about the unique cafe in Bali, was not as easy as I imagined. Even more difficult than writing about the tourist attractions of Bali. To the extent that the draft of this paper, settles around four months and finished enga-finished. Looking for a cafe on the island of Bali, cheap prices so easy! Just looking for a unique cafe in Bali, this is difficult.

Several times while my friend and old Vespa ride, trying to find a unique cafe on the island of Bali. Switching from one cafe to another cafe, although it can only visit two cafe every 1 weeks. But still can not decide, which is a unique cafe.

It turned out that all obstacles find a unique cafe in Bali, there is in my perception of the uniqueness and the influence of personal taste would be a cafe. So to determine the unique cafe in this paper, I have to choose a cafe that has concepts and themes that have nothing in common, with the other cafe in Bali. And must disregard personal taste, because I prefer somewhere special coffee.

The uniqueness of the concept and a unique theme cafe, not only on the property! But also on the unique menu of food and drinks offered.

List Cafe Unique In Bali Authentic Mandatory Visited

Due to the uniqueness of ratings is very subjective, so a list of some unique cafe in Bali on this page, is my personal assessment. Of course, my assessment would be unique cafe, may differ from the opinion of the reader.

Besides, I have no affiliation with all the unique cafe contained in this page. This paper is pure from my desire to share information, for those who like a relaxed like me.

Wacko Burger Cafe Seminyak

The main uniqueness of Wacko Burger Cafe Seminyak, located on the burger menu with a unique presentation and taste on the tongue. In addition, the reader can make a burger creations personal taste.

Gusto Gelato & Caffe

Looking Gelato (ice cream typical of Italy) on the island of Bali is very easy! There are many places that serve gelato, especially the restaurants in Bali as dessert. Most flavors of gelato that readers know, gelato flavors chocolate, strawberry or vanilla.

But if the reader never imagined ice cream flavored chocolate chili, lemongrass flavor, basil, sesame and ginger? I’m sure most readers surely have not. In addition to gelato, sorbet are also available such as soursop sorbet flavors and dragon fruit.

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